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    Bobaby Breast Pads

    Unfortunately, Bobaby is not operating now because of problems with accessing this fabric. I must have bought the last 30 packets of breast pads due to Bobaby's renowned reputation with their products and my extensive experience as a breastfeeding mum and lactation consultant.
    These pads are a fantastic investment. They protect your breasts and your clothing.
    They do not stick to your nipples and therefore can help reduce the incidence of traumatized nipples.
    With the hind milk applied after feeding-there is no use for any creams on the nipple. These pads keep you free from wetness and allows the circulation of air.
    Bobaby fabric surrounds the two layers of quality flannelette. The pad conforms easily to the shape of the breast and moisture passes through and is absorbed by the flannelette. The fabric on the reverse side helps to keep moisture away from your clothing.
    They are easy to wash, long-lasting and dry quickly.
    The fabric is not treated and is great for sensitive skin.
    (Price Includes Postage and Handling in Aus and is for one pair of pads)

    List Price: A$70.00


    Breast Pump Hire-Hospital Grade Ameda

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) cleared the claim that the patented slicone diaphragm, used in the Ameda HygieniKit milk collection system, created a barrier that protects collected breast milk from contaminants such as virsues and bacteria that may be present in the pump and tubing. It also protects the pump and tubing from contaminants that may be present in collected breast milk.
    The Ameda HygieniKit with its unique diaphragm is the only breast milk collection system that has obtained FDA clearance to make this important protective claim.
    Also requires purchase of the collection kits-single or double kits.
    Price above is weekly hire. This is discounted if the girls are my clients or in my exercise classes.
    Please contact Monica for advice.

    List Price: A$25.00
      On sale: A$24.00



    Mothers often experience breastfeeding problems like mastitis, blocked milk ducts, engorgement, let down reflex problems and nipple vasospasm.
    The application of continuous warmth may provide relief and aid with these conditions.
    Worn inside the bra, many mothers I see experience immense relief and these are often recommended by maternity units.
    Contact me for delivery price.

    List Price: A$45.00
      On sale: A$40.00

TraceyMonica Rich taught me how to exercise safely during a difficult pregnancy. After I gave birth, she raised the intensity to help whip me back into shape! As a qualified lactation consultant, Monnie imparted invaluable advice during those stressful first months with a newborn. Her kind, compassionate approach made life a lot easier!" Tracey Spicer, Channel 10 Newsreader

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