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Exercise VideosExercise Videos

    Exercise at Home!

    How safe is postnatal exercise?
    Is exercise compatible with breastfeeding or bottlefeeding?
    Does exercise affect my baby's growth and development?

    These and many other questions are answered in this informative video stressing the importance of resistance (strength) training.

    You will learn:

    # Three different intensity levels of exercise you can do in your home.
    # Research based guidelines on aerobic exercise and resistance training.
    # Relevant information on nutrition in the postnatal period.

    All in a program that is suitable for most ages and fitness levels.

    (Price Includes Postage and Handling in Aus)

    List Price: A$45.00
      On sale: A$40.00

TraceyMonica Rich taught me how to exercise safely during a difficult pregnancy. After I gave birth, she raised the intensity to help whip me back into shape! As a qualified lactation consultant, Monnie imparted invaluable advice during those stressful first months with a newborn. Her kind, compassionate approach made life a lot easier!" Tracey Spicer, Channel 10 Newsreader

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