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Exercise And BreastfeedingExercise And Breastfeeding

    A research Paper by Janet Currie, Ph.D., and Monica Rich, R.M.
    Readers will learn key tips for enhancing a mother’s exercise experience during the prenatal, postnatal, and lactating periods.
    (Price Includes Postage In Aus)

    List Price: A$20.00
      On sale: A$15.00


    A3 Laminated Breastfeeding and Exercise Poster

    Covered in the poster that has been acquired by clinics and hospitals around Australia:
    * Weight Loss During Lactation
    * Breastfeeding & Aerobic Exercise Research
    * Lactic Acid & Breastfeeding
    * Physical Exercise & Self Image (the author's own research)
    * Recommendations for Exercise whilst Breastfeeding
    (Postage and Handling in Aus $20)

    List Price: A$45.00
      On sale: A$40.00


    Exercise and Breastfeeding Brochures

    Comprehensive information on known research and research based guidelines if your baby is fussy with breastfeeding.
    These brochures are $1.50 each. If you require more quantities, please email me for a discount.
    (Price Includes Postage and Handling in Aus)

    List Price: A$2.00
      On sale: A$1.80

TraceyMonica Rich taught me how to exercise safely during a difficult pregnancy. After I gave birth, she raised the intensity to help whip me back into shape! As a qualified lactation consultant, Monnie imparted invaluable advice during those stressful first months with a newborn. Her kind, compassionate approach made life a lot easier!" Tracey Spicer, Channel 10 Newsreader

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