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Exercise EquipmentExercise Equipment

    AOK Exercise Ball

    This ball is the only University designed and tested Swiss ball in the world and continues to out-perform the competition by far.
    MediBall Pro is Burst resistant to a load of 500 kg whereas the anti-burst rating of most Swiss balls is only 150 kg.
    Manufactured in Australia from the highest quality raw materials - Durable and non-toxic mediBall Pro is guaranteed for performance and build quality - Cheap balls are not!
    What does anti-burst mean? Rather than exploding if punctured, the ball will deflate slowly. mediBall Pro takes about 30 seconds to deflate if punctured - greatly reducing the risk of injury.
    Contact me for delivery price to your area. Buyers who bought this product also bought the Mediball Wall Chart.

    List Price: A$90.00
      On sale: A$85.00


    Hygenic Water Bottles

    It's taken me a long time to find a water bottle that is hygienic and spill proof-compatible with everybody from adults to toddlers.

    I found them! 800ml capacity (measurements down the side), premium quality bottle made from low density food grade plastic.

    This bottle features a new sureshot lid the germ free way to grab a drink. Simply squeeze the bottle to open the valve inside the lid, which releases the fluid. No need to touch the lid with your fingers or your mouth!

    The next generation in drinking systems. For team sports a drink can be shared and you can feel safe.

    Leave a few filled with water around the house for you and your toddler to access throughout the day. Important for your hydration. At home, we have about 6 of these bottles on coffee tables etc and they are frequently refilled throughout the day.

    No need for sticky juices and can be accessed readily in the car!

    (Price Includes Postage and Handling in Aus)

    List Price: A$20.00
      On sale: A$18.00


    Mediball Wall Chart of Exercises

    Postage extra = $20 in Australia. Please add in checkout.
    An A2 size visual representation of the mediBall® exercises, stretches and ab workout featured in Monica's and other Exercise Ball DVD's.

    List Price: A$15.00
      On sale: A$11.00


    Resistance Exercise Bands - Light

    Postage $10 in Australia. Please add in checkout.
    Easy to use in the comfort of your home.
    Recommended by therapists and fabulous for toning and strength training

    List Price: A$12.00
      On sale: A$11.00


    Resistance Exercise Bands - Medium/Heavy

    Postage $12 in Australia. Please add in checkout.
    Light to medium and heavy resistance level bands.
    Great for exercise in the comfort of your home.
    Popular for Pilates, Strength Training and Stretching.

    List Price: A$26.00
      On sale: A$24.00

TraceyMonica Rich taught me how to exercise safely during a difficult pregnancy. After I gave birth, she raised the intensity to help whip me back into shape! As a qualified lactation consultant, Monnie imparted invaluable advice during those stressful first months with a newborn. Her kind, compassionate approach made life a lot easier!" Tracey Spicer, Channel 10 Newsreader

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